Figure Dreamer is listed, the vehicle is positioned as a medium to large MPV, with four and seven-seat layout inside, and offers two power forms: pure electric and plug-in hybrid. Appearance, the car continues the family design language, showing the visual effect of the atmosphere. In detail, the
2023/06/28 14:29
The exterior design of the ID.6 CROZZ is a continuation of the FAW-Volkswagen family design language, with smooth lines and a simple yet powerful appearance. The front features the VW brand's signature 'U' shaped grille, together with sharp LED headlights and fog lamps, enhancing the front end's
2023/06/21 10:48
1. Different electric drive systemsThe BYD e2.0 platform uses a "three-in-one" electric drive system. The vehicle only integrates the drive motor, motor controller, and reducer; while the BYD e3.0 platform uses a brand-new "8-in-1 motor", The motor assembly includes the drive motor, drive motor
2023/06/21 10:43
The battery capacity of BYD's new energy vehicles has been increased to a remarkable 17.6kWh, which means a range of 80km for pure electric vehicles. there are many charging options, such as public charging piles, home power, wall-mounted charging boxes and so on. Its 1.6 kW (220V) household
2023/06/21 10:36