What is the difference between BYD 3.0 platform and 2.0 platform?

2023/06/21 10:43

1. Different electric drive systems

The BYD e2.0 platform uses a "three-in-one" electric drive system. The vehicle only integrates the drive motor, motor controller, and reducer; while the BYD e3.0 platform uses a brand-new "8-in-1 motor", The motor assembly includes the drive motor, drive motor controller, reducer, high voltage distribution box, high and low voltage DC converter, on-board charger, vehicle controller, and battery manager.

The benefit of highly integrated electric drive system is that in addition to the reduction in volume and weight, the working efficiency of the system has also been greatly improved. With the support of the new-generation SIC electronic control system and the wide-area high-efficiency heat pump system, the operating efficiency of the drive system can be increased from 86% to 89%, the vehicle can accelerate from zero to 100% in 2.9 seconds, and the maximum mileage exceeds 1,000 kilometers.

What is the difference between BYD 3.0 platform and 2.0 platform?

2. The charging efficiency is different

The BYD e2.0 platform uses an independent boost charging device, while the e3.0 platform incorporates the first motor boost charging architecture. The vehicle can support 800V ultra-high voltage fast charging. According to the official statement, the vehicle only needs to be charged for 5 minutes You can get a cruising range of 150 kilometers, which directly solves the problem of consumers' battery life anxiety.

3. Different degrees of intelligence

The intelligent experience of BYD's e2.0 platform is mainly reflected in the car-machine system, while the intelligence of the e3.0 platform will be more comprehensive. The vehicle is equipped with BYD's self-developed BYD OS, which is the first mass-produced vehicle operating system in my country. system, BYD OS can realize the complete decoupling of system software and hardware, and support FOTA and hardware upgrades throughout the life cycle.

4. Different comfort

The models on the BYD e2.0 platform are quite satisfactory in terms of comfort, while the e3.0 platform adopts a highly integrated design, so the space performance of the vehicle is even better; in addition, because the battery and the chassis are integrated, the vehicle can The resonance phenomenon of the car is greatly reduced, so the quiet performance in the car is also better.

The above is the difference between BYD 3.0 platform and 2.0 platform. In fact, apart from the above points, BYD 3.0 platform performs better in many aspects. If the BYD e1.0 platform has completed the platformization of three key technologies, and the e2.0 platform has completed the platformization of key systems, then e3.0 has completed the platformization of the vehicle architecture. The model is still very exciting.

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