Good car recommendation: Lantu Dreamer

2023/06/28 14:29

Figure Dreamer is listed, the vehicle is positioned as a medium to large MPV, with four and seven-seat layout inside, and offers two power forms: pure electric and plug-in hybrid. Appearance, the car continues the family design language, showing the visual effect of the atmosphere. In detail, the front grille uses a chrome plated straight waterfall grille inside, which is more conducive to the aura of the car. In addition, the integration of the daytime running lights and LOGO is also quite new. At the same time, the new car also offers a choice of two-color body, for the overall luxury of the vehicle to enhance a greater sense of luxury. The side lines of the car are more straight, but this design is conducive to enhancing the space of the vehicle. As you can see, a waist line extends from the headlights to the rear, enhancing the visual length of the side of the car. In addition, the chrome window frame, bottom trim and the addition of multi-spoke wheels also highlight the MPV's main luxury attributes. The rear end still shows a flat design, and the chrome decorative strip also extends to the rear, which enhances the consistency of the whole vehicle design and makes the vehicle more stable. In addition, the two sides of the taillights are connected by a dark trim strip in the middle, not the traditional sense of through-tail lights.

The new car will be equipped with 5G in-car entertainment and office system, L2-level driving assistance, automatic parking, remote parking, four-voice zone voice interaction and other functions, and support the whole car OTA, a richer intelligent cabin experience is also the advantage of the Dreamer compared to traditional models.

Power, the new car will be launched pure electric version and plug-in hybrid version. The plug-in hybrid model is equipped with dual drive motors of 130 kW front/160 kW rear, with a total power system power of 290 kW, while the car is equipped with a 1.5T engine with a total peak system torque of 610 Nm. The pure electric mode range (CLTC standard) is 82km. the pure electric version is equipped with ternary lithium batteries.

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